from the archives of posturing (cir. 2011)

I looked out into blackest night and only one winking eye appeared wavering in the dark. Come on, it said, I won’t tell anyone you’re actually a phony. But they’ll see my shoes, I complained. Too sad with their dowdy tips and feeble attempts at self-preservation. They’ll see my hands, too softened from a lapse in toil, a mind lumpy and pockmarked with the asinine aspects of this daily struggle of privilege. A mess of paradox.

Come on, needled the eye, I know you’re as tired as a camel.

Out into deepest, darkest night.

Where are the lights, where are the skyscrapers with their own little winking twinkling winkling secrets where women no longer leave guests at the lobby and wear peignoirs. Where it’s more complicated than I originally thought.

I wanted to walk around in a trench coat and swig coffee from stained mugs. Drop in. Drop out. Anonymous and head bent. But I am not noir I am not male I am not in the right place at the right time. I’m in the deepest, darkest night.

I am a camel who has no water but thought she was fine when she first unbended knobby knee and set out across the dessert. Into the eye of the needle. The needle of the twinkling voices of doubt.