Modern era

Social media isn’t really my thing, doll-face. But I know it’s what everyone is doing these days. This old horse has got to learn some new tricks, so I’ve built a Facebook page for Noirisms. If so inclined, you can mosey over there and “Like” it.

Like it, share it with your wantonly word lusting and liquor loving friends bearing beatific breakfast halos. I’ll be sharing Haikus from a Twit, archived poems, and info about great noir movies and anything else that scratches my itch.


Essay to Read

Check out this H.L. Mencken essay on drinking: “But what is reliable stuff? What is the thing to drink, specifically? I go back to my Rule No. 1. The better thing to drink, whenever there is a choice, is the milder thing. Wine is better than a highball, a highball is better than a cocktail, and a cocktail is better than hard liquor taken straight.” Agree or disagree? I love Mencken as much as the next armchair academic, but I must voice my dissent.

writer’s block

triumphant return to chicago– a whirlwind of cheap wine, casual bump-intos on the street, drives down lsd, and the anti-climatic return to diner haunts. Something was missing this time, unable to locate it– that fuzzy irritation in the back of my consciousness. writer’s block prevents the stream of brassy swing with double bass undertow from getting real hot. for now. Verbal impotence. Take this shot of my lackluster doughnut as consolation.